Beer Boiled Bratwursts

The hardest days for me to come up with a new recipe are Monday and Wednesday. I have school until 7pm on these days and therefore I have to find meals that I can prepare in advance for reheating, a crock-pot meal or something totally elementary that my husband that tackle all on his own (if it has more than about 5 ingredients or steps he opts for fast-food). This is a struggle for me because I still want them to be delicious and comforting. So tonight we are having brats - good old German Sausages. Everyone loves them and they are super easy.

6 Fresh German Pork Bratwursts (I usually buy them from the deli section of Sprouts, but I am sure that most supermarkets offer fresh bratwursts at the deli counter - they are WAY better than the prepackaged ones. Just go for it!)
2 Cans of Fosters Beer (I buy the fosters because it is cheap and I can buy it in an individual HUGE can, since I don't need it for anything else. You can use any beer really, but we have found that there is not much difference in flavor between them in this recipe)
6 Hot dog buns
2 yellow onions
1 T. Olive Oil
Brown mustard
Sauerkraut (heated)

In a large stockpot pour the beer over the bratwursts. Boil on high for a minimum of 30 minutes. The beer will foam up, so be sure to have a large stockpot. When the brats are cooked through remove them from the liquid and take them to the outdoor grill and kiss them on each side with the hot grill. Crisp-up the outside.

While the brats are boiling, cut the onion in half length wise and them slice into 1/8 inch half-rings. In a medium skillet over med-high heat, warm the oil. Add in the onion and a dash of salt & pepper. Saute until the onions are golden and caramelized.

When brats are done on the grill. Put them in the bun with the mustard, onions and kraut. enjoy.

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